Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Roadside Find

I was walking my son to the bus stop today when I noticed a pile of stuff. There were 3 dressers that looked in reasonable shape and although I knew I was going to get an ear full from my husband, I ignored the voice in my head and the minute Evan was on the bus, I ran home to get my truck. I loaded the 2 small dressers in first and then took 2 drawers from the 3rd dresser in the hopes it would still be there my second trip around. My thinking was "Who would want a dresser with a bunch of drawers missing?"

Since I had to get the dressers out of the foyer before my hubby saw them, I cleaned one of them up and stashed it in my room. I won't get a chance to refinish them any time soon ... we'll see if he lets me keep all 3 of them.

I'm not sure why this dresser has a hole in the front ... I'm thinking I may have to see if I can take the doors off and just use the cabinet since it kind of looks weird with the hole and I'm not sure how I could fix it.

The dressers could definately use some re-finishing but one of the dressers matches perfectly with the bookshelf my mom scooped up for me years ago that I haven't got around to doing yet either.

In this photo: candle holder (garage sale), trinket box (garage sale), chair refinished by my dad (garage sale), lamp (garbage), lampshade (made by my mom), mirror (given to me by one of my aunts that I spray painted gold), bookshelf (found by my mom), mirrored tray for my perfume
(garage sale)

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